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2022-03-02 17:02:27

It’s an unprecedented state of affairs in historic previous – a nation with a critical nuclear power program discovering itself in the middle of a battle.
Ukraine will depend on nuclear power and operates one in every of many world’s largest nuclear networks. It runs 4 power crops with an entire of 15 reactors. As a result of the frontline of the stopping edges nearer to these web sites, there are worries that thought of one in every of them might get caught throughout the crossfire and spark a nuclear disaster.

Shaun Burnie is a senior nuclear specialist with Greenpeace and explains how doable the prospect is we might see a nuclear accident due to the battle in Ukraine. Can one thing be accomplished to reduce the possibility?

When Russia invaded Ukraine, specialists frightened that cyber attackers would wreak havoc – nevertheless that hasn’t occurred however.
Ukraine’s safety council says the number of cyber assaults has gone up significantly. Nonetheless it is decrease than anticipated. Internet giants like Microsoft have moreover helped repel attackers. Within the meantime, hackers all around the world, along with the Anonymous collective, have declared cyberwar on Russia.

Dmitri Alperovitch is a laptop security commerce govt and co-founder of the cyber security agency Crowd Strike. Should security analysts in western worldwide areas be preparing for a cyber assault? How?

00:00 Unprecedented: Ukraine’s fundamental nuclear power program in the middle of battle
00:59 How doable is a nuclear accident due to battle?
05:44 Are cyber assaults subsequent in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

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