Jane Walsh: The rise of predatory scams — and strategies to forestall them | TED

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2022-02-05 11:00:55

Questionable cellphone calls, concerning emails, heart-rending tales from a sudden new pal in need of infinite financial assist: elder abuse can take many sorts, says lawyer Jane Walsh. And as experience turns into additional refined, susceptibility to strategies and scams will improve — regardless of a person’s age or thoughts. Walsh spotlights the rise of this predatory crime, why it goes undetected and the way one can defend your loved ones members’ kindness, dignity and self-respect from being manipulated.

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Jane Walsh: The rise of predatory scams -- and how to prevent them | TED | TEDTalk,TEDTalks,TED Talk,TED Talks,TED,Jane Walsh,Jane Walsh TED,Jane Walsh TED Talk,TEDx talk,TEDX,tedx talks best speeches,tedx talks,tedx talks english,technology,community,law,society,crime,family | 4gwebsolution